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Post  Badger on Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:25 am

Welcome to Dire Badgers Den!

This forum was created so that friends new and old can have a common place to come together and play role playing games. No matter where they are in the world this gives us all a place that we can meet and play. Whether its D&D, Star Wars, Vampires, or whatever game you prefer, it can be adapted to work here. Even if you have an idea for a game of your own creation, complex or simple, you can create it here. Not only will this site be used for actual games but as a place to just talk with others be it about upcoming games that have you excited or just general chat.

A bit of etiquette now. Remember that this is a new forum so please, give it some time. Its not going to be perfect from the beginning but I'm sure that it can get there. With all of us covering different parts of the world its important to have patience when dealing with games as well as each other. Remember we all have lives (so to speak lol) and other things to do so please keep that in mind. Also act maturely, this is a place for friends and having fun so if things get to out of hand I have no problem banning anyone from this site. Two rules that apply for hosting from Forummotion are simple and to the point. One, this isn't a yard sale, no hocking your crap on this site. No selling of any kind can happen on this forum. Two, no pornographic material of any kind can be posted on this site, so please keep it tasteful. I'm sure I will come up with new things to put in here but for now this will do. Just use common sense and if it doesn't feel right, its probably not.

The layout for this site is relatively simple:
General: This section is for posting about the site. If you have any questions, ideas, requests or any other forum related threads, post them in here. This way you can get input from other players as well as myself and gauge reactions for your ideas and questions.

Game Sections: There will be many (hopefully) game sections, each devoted to a different game. To start campaigns, to poll opinions about campaign ideas, or specific questions about that game post in the individual sections. To create a new section for a game send a message to myself or post in the general section to see if there will be players willing to play in the game.

The Wrench: This section will be the lounge of the forum. If you have anything not related to the site or for any of the other sections, you may post in here. Maybe a funny video or plans for a BBQ or whatever, go ahead and throw it in here. Throw as many wrenches as you want in this section.

Above all, have fun and let your mind run free!


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