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Post  Badger on Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:55 pm

This is the basic idea that I had for this when I first started writing about this forum. Its the basic rules and ideas for creating and running a game. When I wrote this it was based off a D&D campaign but I went through and tried to make it a little more general. The examples however are still based off a D&D game.

A forum based role playing game that is based on text between players with some rolling elements

-DM: One person will act as the DM controlling the adventure and directing the PCs in role playing. The DM will speak in 3 different styles: General, Narrative, and Direct. General talk is for general conversation to the players, narrative is to set the story and help the players in role playing, and direct is for the DM to direct players in the game actions to take with their characters.
The DM will be the end all just like in the table top, what they say goes in all things: Role playing, actions, speech, decisions, etc. Each DM may use his/her own rules (like house rules) but needs to follow the standard rules of the game to make the forum campaign work. It is up to the DM how strict or loose he/she can be, they may decide to follow the rules to the letter in every aspect of the system or let the players have a little leg room for role playing and story purposes. If you decide to create a game though realize that as a DM you need to keep track of the posts in that game at a regular basis. Do not create a game if you will not be able to put the time into it.

-The players: The players will be in charge of the actions of their individual characters. They will play characters that either they have created at the level with any restrictions given to them by the DM or the characters will be assigned to them by the DM (either a general idea of the character or an already rolled up character). Being in a forum capacity the player will mostly type out role playing actions that they see their characters doing whether its speech, actions, skill check related to role playing or whatever their minds can come up with. When directed to by the DM they will make rolls for anything from combat, skills, or just to add to the story. For players rolling with be on an honesty system since the DM will not see you rolls, at least no unless a suitable online roller can be found that links to the forum. Most of you probably are veterans to role playing games, hopefully you realize that the game is more interesting with failures and botches in it.
Like the DM, players have three types off speech they can enter: General, Character, and Action. General just like the DM, general is chat with others playing the game (Game related or not), character is when you are speaking as the character you are playing, and action is the actions you have your character make in game, much like narrative for the DM (include rolls when necessary). However, to avoid to many wrenches from general speak, when a player/DM uses it in a non-game related way the same post must include a portion with some level of role playing (action, speech, or otherwise). Players are encouraged to use general to get ideas and points about the game out to the other players but remember no metagaming, this goes for players and DMs. Players may also use private messaging to speak to each other if they do not want other players or the DM to overhear. The same also goes that players may PM the DM to do an action or get an idea across they don’t want the other players to know about.

-Campaigns will be mostly based off the rules for that system. This will mostly be for weapon damage, skill checks, spells, etc. Being a forum based campaign some rules just will not transfer over. For the most part, there will be a decided order for each player by the DM that they will post actions in to alleviate getting skipped during important points. However, if there is a conversation between two or more players or a specific conversation between a NPC it can continue without following the order. At any time during these conversations any PC may jump in to build to the conversation, add to the situation with actions, or just update what their character is doing during the conversation. The DM also has the ability to end these conversations at any time by changing the situation, like if he uses narrative to change the stories proceedings or interrupting with a NPC. The players will treat this like a break in conversation just as if it happened in real life and move on or react to the situation. Later during downtime the may decide to revisit the conversation if they believe it is something their characters would do. Also, the DM has the ability to skip any player if they are taking to long to post a reaction or movement. DM's please be lenient with this though and realize that some people may have a harder time checking this forum as regular as other posters.
In game combat will be decided like it does on the table top, by initiative before the fight. Each player will roll initiative and post the outcome and the DM will post the final order. The DM will also decide to use standard initiative, reverse initiative, or a combination of the two throughout the campaign.
Since this is a forum campaign and imagery is important combat will also largely be about painting the picture. No “I hit him with my long sword…”, use some imagination! How are you holding the sword, do you slash or stab, how did you swing the weapon, does your character say anything or gesture in anyway, etc. The structure of combat will be the same as the table top. It will be a d20 roll, followed by the action, followed by damage. However to save time the players will post all of this in one post, the reason for this is the DM may not be in the same time zone as you and might not be able to get back to you right away. When the DM can get on or when it comes to him using a NPC or the enemies attacks will tell you if you succeeded in your attack and if not the DM will correct the narration of your attack to illustrate the failure. Players may not post multiple attacks before the DM can answer the first, this can be far too confusing to all parties. Combat will continue in the same fashion until the fight is over, at this point the DM will assign XP and treasure if any. XP will work the same for leveling as it does in 3.5 and it is up to the DM in the distribution of XP, the amount of XP, and any bonus XP for whatever purpose like role playing your character well, using a skill intelligently, creating a good cinematic, etc.

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Post  Badger on Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:07 pm


Characters: Male Elf Paladin/ Female Human Ranger/ Male Dwarf Fighter/ Male Elf Wizard

DM: The land grows dim as the sun begins to set over the snowcapped mountains far to the west. Your party has been traveling for what seems like hours since you left the tavern in Hillsmarch. The rough road makes you all miss the warm beds there even if they were not the best you are accustomed too but it sure beats the cold hard ground.

Paladin: Let us stop for the night up ahead, there is no rush for us to make it to the town of Cargston and we all could use the rest. Ranger, could you ride up ahead to find a suitable area to camp.

Ranger: I speed up on my horse to begin to put a pace between myself and the party.
Is there anything in particular that you would like for a camp site?

Paladin: I trust your wisdom Ranger
I smile gently to her

Ranger: I smile and look down sheepishly as my cheeks begin to turn red and ride off up front. I rolled an 18 for Search to find a place that will suit our needs.

Fighter: I pull my cart up beside the paladin horse and look over at him coyly.
Say HOLY man… Seem to me that yer tryin to cozy up to the lass… Doesn’t yer order require ya to… how didja put it… Go without da worldly
Even in the game you got to get all pervy lol!

Paladin: I say nothing to the dwarf, look at him through the corner of my eye, clear my throat and ride my horse a little bit ahead of him.
Bite me! HAHA

Wizard: Having heard all this transpire, I begin to chuckle quietly but not so quite that they can’t hear me.

DM: Ranger: You find a small clearing off to the right side of the road. It’s about 30 feet off the road through some brush and trees. The clearing itself has a diameter of roughly 50 feet. Shortly after finding the spot, the rest of the party catches up to you and for some reason the wizard and fighter seem to be having a good laugh about something and the paladin doesn’t find it very amusing.

The Ranger waves the party over to section that will allow a somewhat easy entrance into the clearing for the horses and with a little finesse the donkey driven cart. There are patches of soft grass and dirt covering most of the clearing with the occasional large rock protruding through the ground. The grass feels good to you all after the long hard ride through the woods, hell almost as comfortable as the beds at the tavern! As you start to set up the camp the ranger can already tell that as the light fades they will not have any help from the moon on this night.

Ranger, you know that a good fire can keep your party warm and help keep animals at bay throughout the night. Roll a survival and get a 15 or higher and you can use techniques to shade the fire so travelers on the road not paying attention would miss it.

Paladin: I unload my horse to ease his burden through the night and fix a feeding bag with some oats to his head.

Ranger: 18 on roll.

The moon will hide on this night we need to build a fire to protect us from the elements….
I slowly turn towards the woods behind us and begin to walk away.
…or worse. I shall go and set some traps to see if luck will bring us a fresh breakfast.

Fighter: Excellent, allow me ta gather the wood for the fire! Dwarfs are excellent lumberjacks
And miners and lovers and fighters and everything else. At least they think so! HAHA

Wizard: I shall gather the necessary components for a fire spell to light the wood. Just because were in the woods does not mean we need to live like barbarians and use out dated methods.
I wave my hand and my spell book floats over to me and opens to the appropriate page. I then reach into my bag of holding to find the proper ingredients to the spell listed in the page.

Paladin: A dwarf… Cutting down a tree with a hammer! You sir are obviously not that good a lumber jack!

Fighter: You sir do not know many dwarfs!!!
I line up next to a tree, spit into my hands, and grip the handle of my warhammer. With one mighty blow (Attack 16, Strength check 13+4) slam the head of the hammer against the tree causing the point of impact to explode in a hail of debris as the tree tips and falls to the ground!
BITCH!!! Lol

Wizard: HAHAHAHA!! Remember though dwarf we need wood not splinters!
I begin to gather some of the wood in a pile and sprinkle components over top of it, put my hands to the side bring them together in a clap and raise them upwards like Im summoning the fire from below as I chant the incantation and then FWOOSH! Fire…

Ranger: I return to the camp after setting 3 traps ( survival 13, 4*sadface, and 17) and take my place around the fire.

Paladin: I take a ration (3 remaining) from my sack and sit down next to Ranger and silently offer her a piece.

Ranger: Without saying anything I take a piece of the ration and smile, again looking down and away from the paladin.

Fighter: I come up and wedge myself between the paladin and the ranger and sit down on the floor.
Did I ever tell ya lass about the time me cousin Barsker killed a Hill Giant wit nothing but a water skin and a fever!

Wizard: With a quizzical look towards the fighter I too reach into my bag and pull out a ration. And let the campfire tales of heroic deeds begin!! LOL!


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Basic Idea and Rules Empty Re: Basic Idea and Rules

Post  Badger on Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:05 am

Combat Examples

Fighter: …so he emptied the water skin on the hill giants head, wiped his feverish brow, and began walkin down the path again.
The end lol.

Ranger: I clap my hands with amusement to the fighter’s story
Wow… never thought of using a water skin like that before….

DM: Laughter fills the air as you all drink and tell stories of adventures. It’s such a good time for a while you forgot that you were even in the wilderness, almost as if you were sitting next to a fire at the inn. At least it did until Ranger heard a branch snap close to the camp site. Her head swiveling quickly to the north side of the camp, away from the road, catches every ones attention.

Paladin: I jump to my feet and reach for my sword on my mount, drawing it and reading myself.

Ranger: I slowly rise to my feet and back away from the wood line drawing my bow and notching an arrow

Fighter: I go to jump to my feet stumble a bit because of the mighty brew but quickly have my hammer in hand waiting for a chance to use her.

Wizard: I stand to my feet lift my arms, slightly bent at the elbow straight in front of me, calling my book out and to the ready.

DM: You realize it was right of you all to prepare as 4 barbarians leap out from the wood line! By the look of them they are raiders that wait for weary travelers to cross their paths so they can rob, rape, or kill them, and not necessarily in that order.
“Look what we found.” One says as he likes his lips. “I call the elf…” says the second as he giggles to himself. “Which one?” says a third. “I’ll let you know when were done” says the second again, then they all burst out into laughter as they begin their charge.
Roll initiative

Paladin: 15

Ranger: 19

Fighter: 14

Wizard: 10

DM: The final order for initiative is:
X marks the fire

P 1
X 4
R 3
F 2

Ranger: I draw my arrow back and take aim at 3 standing in front of me. I decide to myself that I do not want to wait and see what Elf they pick. I release my bow and the arrow whistles through the air as it pierces into his skull.

15 to attack, 6 damage

I delay my attack till 1 comes into my threat area. Right before he attacks me I bring the long sword that I hold in my right hand up over my right shoulder and with a mighty yell bring the sword down, slashing him across the chest ending with the sword down to my left.
… rolled a 1… Sad

Fighter: I stare at 2 with my hand down to my side gripping my hammers hilt, the head resting on the ground with the face aimed towards him. With a smirk on my face I wave 2 with my left hand towards me and then rest my hand on my hip, waiting for him to step towards me. Really he’s already within 5 feet of me so this is all for cinematic. As he foolishly moves forward to attack me I bring the hammer up straight in front of me, landing it hard on the bottom of his chin. FOOOORRRREEEE!!!! Lol little chin music for him.
Power attack: 19-2= 17 Damage: 7+2=9

DM: Paladin delays his actions till right before the enemy. New initiative is: Ranger/Fighter/Paladin/Barbarians/Wizard.
Ranger: Your arrow flies true through the air, the tip audible cutting through the air as it flies towards your opponent. The sound is so satisfying which makes the disappointment that much worse when you realize that it’s off to the left… The arrow sticks into the tree to the barbarian’s right just inches from his face. You can see he is visibly shaken.
Fighter: Your hammer rises through the air, you pivot and put your full arm strength as well as your hips into the force of your swing. As your arm stretches out just above your shoulder you feel a slight recoil as the face meets the bottom of the barbarians chin. Very nice cinematic setup! And as a reward… The barbarian is lifted straight off his feet and into the air. Flying backwards you can see his head is cocked all the way back as in midair he becomes parallel to the ground and falls down to the ground landing on his back. You hear a very satisfying crunch as his body hits the ground. He takes the 9 from the power attack and an additional 4 from falling damage equaling 13. You see his chest lower as the air escapes his lungs… you do not see it rise again to draw air back in…
Paladin: I like your enthusiasm so I will allow your taunt to attract his attention, however the natural one…. Your insult catches 1’s attention just as you were hoping. His eyes, filled with anger, focus directly onto you forgetting that anyone else is even there. He screams and comes running at you. Just as you planned, you bring your sword up ready to open his chest up, however your timing is a little off and you end up swinging early missing him by inches. He buries his shoulder into your wide open chest sending you flying back 5 feet and landing squarely on your back. Damage from the hit and the fall: 9. This will count as 1’s attack, the prone is for the botch Wink
Barbarians: 1 has already taken his action to injure and knock Paladin prone. 2 lies breathless thanks to the fighter. 3 was worried about Ranger until he and 4 saw Fighters prowess now there attention is on him… Every silver lining has a grey cloud lol. 3 and 4 look at each other and exchange a nod and move towards the fighter, swords at the ready very weary of where the dwarfs hammer is. 4 brings his sword high above his head and brings it slashing down on you (Attack 14 Damage 7). 3 decides to bring his blade up parallel to the ground, draws it back and stabs it into your stomach (Attack 16 Damage 5).

P 1
R 4
F 3

Wizard: I see Paladin knocked prone by the rushing barbarian. I realize that the barbarian is readying himself to strike down upon him. I start to speak incantations as I reach into my bag to draw something out. I take three glass beads and throw them out towards the barbarian as my incantation comes to an end. Half way to the barbarian the beads explode and energy pours out and rushes towards him. The energy shifts into a form of a giant fist and slams into the barbarian sending him flying backward towards where he came 5 feet. (Bigby’s striking fist PHB2- attack 17 vs reflex, damage 7. Attempts a bull rush at 16 STR to knock back 5 ft in the direction I choose.)

Ranger: I see that Fighter is out number by the barbarians so shake off the last shot and bring my bow up and take aim at 4. I take a deep breath and with lightning quick speed I reach into my quiver, draw an arrow, and immediately fire it off, than reach back for a second arrow to fire before the first fully leaves my bow. The two arrows strike out towards the unsuspecting barbarian, cutting through the air, to turn him into a walking pin cushion. (Rapid Shot: First shot- 18-2=16, second shot… natty! Very Happy Confirmed with an 18! Damage for the first arrow is 3 and for the second 21. Got to love 3X’s weapons!!!

Fighter: I duck 4s attack as his sword comes down towards my head but in doing so I step right into 3s blade. I lurch forward as it slides into my stomach however it’s not enough to finish me off. I step back so the blade exits my stomach and swing the hammer up above my head. As the hammer begins to travel up and over I take my other hand and grip the hilt using both hands and all my strength to bring it down on to his head! (Attack: 18, damage 11/ that’s with STR+half for using two hands)

Paladin: Thank you Wizard for the breathing room. I lift myself to my feet and spin around to face my opponent, rage growing in my eyes. I cannot allow an evil like you to roam these lands!!! I leap forward towards the enemy (it’s only a five foot move) to bring my sword down upon him, slashing it deep into his left shoulder. (Smite Evil: attack 15+3 for CHA is 18, damage 8 plus 4 for level is 12)

DM: Wizard: The face the barbarian makes tells you that he is not use to going up against magic users. His shocked eyes at the sight of a giant glowing hand appearing out of nowhere is second only to the sound of the air escaping him as the fist collided with his chest. Both our successes and he slides back 5 ft.
Ranger: The arrows zip through the air one after the other towards the barbarian that at this time is focusing on trying to kill your friend Fighter. It isn’t until the first arrow penetrates his right shoulder that he realizes that you are firing at him; however it’s too late now. As he begins to turn his head towards the direction of the first arrow the second arrow strikes its target, slicing directly through the front right side of his throat and right through the left front side and into a tree behind him. His eyes widen as he begins to choke on his own blood, gasping for air at the same time. He drops his sword and falls to his knees, clutching at his throat to try to stop the blood from gushing out of the slice in his throat that is almost half the depth of his neck. The damage is too much though as his pupils narrow and he falls flat to his stomach on the ground.
Fighter: The barbarian has no time to react as your hammer descends down through the air. The face of the hammer lands squarely on the top of his head causing a sickly cracking noise. 4 crumbles down to the dirt like a rag doll as his body and life give out to the mighty blow.
Paladin: He is definitely considered evil. Still shaken from the use of magic 1 does his best to defend himself against your attack but your holy rage makes you too fast for him to block. You sword sinks deeply into his left shoulder about halfway down his torso. You rip your sword back spraying blood all over the ground, at the same time 1 drops down to his knees. Looking up at you his eyes are filled with disbelief as blood continues to flow out and over his chest. Finally he collapses forward as his life slips into the nether.
Congratulations. Each of you earns 300 XP for this encounter. On inspection of the bodies you find 200 gold, 2 gems (one amethyst, one jasper), a locket and a note (both on the same body). Other than that they are each wearing crude leather armor and have basic weapons.
Resume Standard Order.

Paladin: As soon as I can I move over to fighter since he took the most damage. I use Lay On Hands which allows me to heal up to 12hp per day.
You have to be more careful Dwarf; I can’t always be around to save your life.

Ranger: Once all the bodies have been looted I begin to move them outside and downwind of the camp site.
He was just lucky I didn’t have a full water skin! lol

Fighter: Careful long ear, I count two that died unda the blow of my hamma. How many did ya get once ya got up from yer back?
LMAO @ Ranger!

Wizard: After everything is cleaned up I take a closer look at the locket and the note that we found on the one barbarian.
Seems a bit odd for a big bad barbarian to carry around these…

DM: You inspect the locket closer. It’s made of gold and is of pretty decent shape. Inside the locket is a very nice and detailed picture of a young lady, maybe in her early 20s if that. The letter is very well written and uses intelligent words so you can decipher that it wasn’t written by the barbarian. You read it and discover that it is a love letter from a young man to a young lady. In the letter it states that he misses her terribly and can’t wait to be back with her so they may finally be married and until then he carries the locket she gave him closely to his heart. On the letters back is an address, you can tell that this was a letter to the girl that had not yet been mailed.

Paladin: Bastards…
After a little while I make my way to my bed roll, strip down my armor and lay down for some well needed sleep.

Ranger: I also decide that it’s time for bed. I find a tree with a suitable branch, climb up and make myself comfortable.

Fighter: I finish off the rest of my brew and make my way to my wagon. Strip my armor off and put it in, climb in back and set up my bed.

Wizard: I decide to stay up a bit longer since I don’t need the sleep quite yet. I just sit by the fire and reread the letter and stare at the drawing. A tear rolls down my check…


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Basic Idea and Rules Empty Re: Basic Idea and Rules

Post  Badger on Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:14 pm

Amendment to rolling: There is now a dice roller attached to the forum (please see Dice Roller post for how it works). Game creators do not feel you must use it though for your games. If a DM/GM decides to let the players use another program, actual dice at home, or no dice at all for that matter its up to you. Players what ever your DM/GM decides though is what you need to go with.

Also I realize when I wrote this I detailed a lot of it to DND 3.5 and this forum is meant for all types of game systems. I understand that rules are different for all games so this is more of a guideline as an idea but use whatever rules you want.


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Basic Idea and Rules Empty Re: Basic Idea and Rules

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